What is Thrive?

Thrive is a systematic approach to the early identification of emotional development in children so that differentiated provision can be put in place quickly by the adults working most closely with the child.

Why Use It?

Because addressing emotional developmental needs early builds resilience, promotes positive mental health, prepares and supports them for the challenges of school and equips them to be ready to learn and engage with their learning.

Thrive is a key part of the curriculum here at Brockhampton and it is enabling children to develop and succeed socially, emotionally and, ultimately, academically.

Please view or download the documentation to see how Thrive is implemented at Brockhampton Primary School by clicking the button below.

Thrive Parent Toolkit

Thrive has launched a free, online resource to help parents and carers, aiming to give guidance and support for their own wellbeing so that they have the mental and emotional resources to support their children. Designed for those with children aged 4 to 11 years, the toolkit provides information explaining the different agerelated stages of a child’s social and emotional development so that parents can better understand why their child is behaving as he or she is. The idea is to introduce parents and carers to the Thrive Approach and to provide appropriate strategies and activities to do with their children at home. The toolkit also features film clips of parents talking about the difference Thrive has made to their family’s lives and in addition, there is a facility for parents to expand and personalise the toolkit for themselves and their children and to log their progress as they move forwards. To access the Thrive-Online Parent Toolkit log onto and then log in or sign up to access.